Brad Kembel - Los Angeles, USA

As Head of International Distribution at Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment for over 20 years, Brad managed countless international rollouts of blockbuster movies such as THE HUNGER GAMES, TWILIGHT and DIVERGENT franchises, as well as top commercial and award-winning films AMERICAN PIE, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, MEMENTO, RED and 12 YEARS A SLAVE. Brad has extensive knowledge of all matters related to worldwide film distribution and has contributed his expertise to distribution software solutions throughout his career.

Jochen Hesse / Valletta, Malta

As founding partner of RevCheck, Jochen performed hundreds of distribution and production audits over the past 15 years, all over the world. Before starting RevCheck, Jochen worked in Acquisition & Sales for distribution companies in Europe and consulted for private equity investors and high profile media investment funds evaluating their film and media assets.

Jobst Upmeier / Munich, Germany

Jobst is a media lawyer admitted to the German and the New York Bar. He served as General Counsel at a German Media company for several years before entering private practice in 2004. Jobst is a co-founding partner of RevCheck and has been performing auditing and revenue reconciliation work for film producers and sales agents for over 15 years.

OARA Partners


Freeway Entertainment Group

Freeway Entertainment provides dedicated collection account management, licensing and distribution services to a range of asset holders, including producers, sales agents, distributors, completion guarantors and financiers.

OARA Developers


Ragic Inc.

Ragic is an online database management system marketed with the platform as a service model. Its online database creation and application interface is similar to a spreadsheet. Additional functionality includes cloud capabilities, linking database sheets to each other, collaboration, generating reports, a query builder that allows users to find information easily.