About OARA

OARA connects you

OARA is the first web and mobile app for the global film industry that provides a direct connection between Licensees, Sales Agents and Licensors, live online. 

OARA offers single point of data entry and shares information only when it may be shared. 

However, private data remains private and is editable by the respective company only.

OARA improves workflow

OARA improves your workflow for rights management, release date planning, P&A and sublicensing approvals as well as online royalty reporting

As the majority of data is shared, there is no need to chase your counterpart for information. On top, OARA is equipped with email reminder tools as well as internal chat boxes.

OARA excels

OARA excels with spreadsheet like layouts, intuitive navigation, sophisticated data export tools, multiple language sheets as well as pre-defined selection fields for speedy data entry.

OARA’s vision

OARA’s vision to become a widely used global platform is supported by many key players in the film distribution industry, including our partner Freeway Entertainment Group.

OARA is built with RAGIC!

Many companies use spreadsheets to manage their data. OARA is being built with RAGIC! a state of the art software tool which allows OARA to design a database system that is like working with spreadsheets with all the benefits like complex filtering and sorting of data.

OARA data security

OARA data is stored and processed on secure physical servers hosted by Google, which provides hundreds of security experts. OARA data is bank level HTTPS/SSL encrypted on the fly and then transmitted and stored in encrypted form, conforming to ISO 27001, SSAE-16, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 certifications. On top, OARA data is fully backed up on a daily basis to a different location on a service by a different provider.